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Skilled workers to have a pathway to get PR

By the end of the year, the current government promised to provide all skilled temporary workers the chance to seek permanent status.


For those who possessed or applied for a Temporary Protection (subclass 785) visa or a Safe Haven Enterprise (subclass 790) visa before February 14, 2023, the government had previously said that it would offer a permanent visa track.


Prioritising skilled immigrants


In 2023–2024, the government will reinstate a 190,000-place cap on permanent migration. Prior to that, it had been raised to 195,000 in the first budget of the Albanesian government in October.


To meet the ongoing lack of talented workers, 137,100 positions (or around 70%) will be given to skilled immigrants. From 142,400 spots in the 2022–23 programme, this is a modest decrease.





Frequently Asked Questions


There are several point-based visas available for the skilled independent and nominated subclasses, some of which are both temporary and permanent. The other types of visas include those for business, working vacation, and students, which provide candidates a wonderful chance to finish their studies, immigrate to Australia, and play a significant part in the nation's developing economy. The status of being an Australian Permanent Resident allows you to live and work there for an unlimited period of time.


Depending on the visa category for which you are seeking, the processing period for Australia PR varies. Additionally, the processing time for a visa application might change depending on a number of criteria, such as

  1. Accuracy of the application filed.
  2. Completeness and accuracy of the supporting documentation presented with the visa application.
  3. Time taken to respond to a question asked by an immigration officer.
  4. An applicant's profession and its demand in Australia.
  5. Points awarded to applicants in the Skill Assessment based on important selection criteria, such as age, education, job experience, and English or French language ability.
  6. Time spent by the office conducting background checks, etc
  1. Not more than 45 years of age.
  2. Scored 65 points in the Australian points grid.
  3. Valid skills assessment.
  4. Necessary IELTS or PTE score.
  5. Compliance to health guidelines.
  6. Have a Police verification certificate.
How long can I stay out of Australia after getting PR?

Usually, you are given a 5-year travel facility when you receive your first permanent visa. This means that as long as your visa is still valid, you are free to visit and exit Australia as often as you please during the five years after the day your permanent visa was issued. Your travel accommodations expire after five years.

Is it difficult to get a PR?

It is crucial to learn as much as you can about the procedure and choose the best visa category for you before submitting an application for Australian permanent residency. We advise speaking with a qualified counsellor if you have questions regarding the stages involved in obtaining PR.

What to do after PR is approved?
  1. Permanent residency in Australia.
  2. Australia is a great place to study and work.
  3. In order to buy a house in Australia, apply for bank financing.
  4. For health services, sign up for Medicare.
  5. Sponsor qualified members of your family to come to Australia and seek permanent residency.


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