How to find an Australian Government registered immigration consultant?

Australia is a land of promises and offers a lot to those looking to make a change and move to a new country to call home. Australian MARA agents are the only consultants that are authorized to represent clients when it comes to immigration & appeal with the Department of Home Affairs & Administrative Tribunal.

Migration agents can take you through the process of understanding the laws revolving around the visa, its criteria, and the documentation required for the grant. They are able to document and process the paperwork on your behalf through the Immi portal.

Make sure you are choosing the right Australia pr consultant for your queries but how is it possible to find one such? Let's check out.


When considering a migration agent, it is important to choose a person with experience in the area of visa you are considering. It is also important to ensure they are in Australia and well versed with the changes in the law and the factors revolving around the migration process. They would be able to talk from their previous experiences to take you through the legal jargon.

Customer Feedback

It is advisable to check the feedback from others about the migration agent and how they process the applications as well as their integrity in running the process. Sometimes due to privacy, it may not be possible to share the details of other applicants with you.


You can check the details of the MARA agents in Australia through the OMARA website and confirm their genuinity before engaging them for your migration works.

Response Time

Your agent would respond to your queries over email, text messages, and phone calls in a timely fashion while keeping you posted on the progress of your application at all times. Most agents would respond at least over emails or SMS even during weekends and holidays, as they understand that the dreams of an applicant are dependent on the immigration decisions.


As a professional agent, you would be in contact with a person who can direct, advise and guide you through the legal process. All your shared personal information will be kept under complete confidentiality and only authorized personnel in the company would have access to it.


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